Cru at MIT is a Christ-centered community that engages the entire campus with the Gospel of Jesus Christ both in word and in deed to see students lives transformed for a lifetime.


Cru is a diverse community of students who are seeking to know and follow God and love one another. We are explorers - people who think about life, about faith and hope. We value caring for one another and learning and growing together. Many of us are followers of Jesus, but some of us are seekers, and some of us are even skeptical of it all.  But what we share in common is that we are all on a journey to figure out life and trying figure out who God really is.  Wherever you are at with God know that you are welcome here.     

Many of us have found that Jesus is worth following and that He has truly changed our lives. Even in the midst of a highly scientific community like MIT we have found that God is real and that faith in Jesus Christ is intellectually viable. So for these reasons we have a passion to get to know Him and help others know Him. You'll find that many of us talk openly about our faith and love to engage in conversation about Jesus.  


MIT Cru Vision

Our hope is that every student at MIT would have the chance to hear and experience the good news of Jesus Christ.  To see this accomplished we unite Christians across theological, cultural, and ethnic differences.  We pray.  We take steps of faith.  We love.  Through being united together in love and mission, and being empowered by the Holy Spirit, we believe we can display the beauty of the Gospel to our campus and to the world.  

We want to be a community where people can DISCOVER Jesus - bring your questions, bring your doubts, find out what it means to follow Jesus.  We don't want to be a group just for Christians, but for anyone who is seeking or curious, or even skeptical about Christianity.  

We want to be a community where people can GROW in their faith - learn from the Bible, become the kind of people God wants us to be, pray together, overcome hurts and struggles and sin in our life, develop as a leader, share the Gospel with others, learn to love and serve others better. We also grow by understanding our differences and uniting around what we share in common.   

We want to be a community of people who GO - go into the world to bring the hope of Jesus, to make a difference, to be reconcilers, to be life-givers, to help others discover Jesus and grow closer to him. 

What We Believe

Cru is committed to the authority and reliability of the Bible. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus is Good News for all people.

What is the Gospel?

Video illustration of the Gospel message.

See our detailed Statement of Faith here.

Cru Boston and Cru Around the World

Being part of Cru means you are also part of a Boston-wide, Nation-wide, and Global movement. Cru is is found on campuses across the greater Boston area helping to serve nearly 900 students on 23 different campuses. You will also find Cru on over 1700 campuses across the U.S. and on thousands more campuses across the world. This is truly a work of God’s Holy Spirit all over the planet. Come join us as we follow Jesus together to manifest the love, grace, and truth of the Gospel to all of MIT, all of Boston, and to the ends of the earth!

This network of campus movements adds so much to our experience at MIT. To learn more about what Cru is doing across Boston from Citywide events, retreats, ministry resources, and global opportunities, check out

To learn more about Cru at a National and Global level click here.

Meet Our Student Servant Team Leaders


Richard Ibekwe
PhD - Nuclear Science and Engineering, also class of 2018

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Matt Turner


Abbie Lee


Carlos Trevino


Linnea Rylander


Meet our Cru Staff

Chris Swanson - MIT Campus Director, MIT Chaplain

Kim Swanson

Chris Lawson

Bekah Thompson

Meagan Moran

Laura Collins

Ellen Schumacher