Life Groups

In addition to our weekly large group meeting on Tuesday nights, we offer Life Groups - a place to connect in a smaller setting. There are usually 4-10 students in a life group. We intentionally keep them small to provide a space where you can connect more deeply and study the Bible together. We don't think life should be done alone and we need each other to grow in our relationship with God. At a life group there is time to share about your week, study the Bible, encourage each other, and pray for one another. We dive into some the big questions about life and God.  We support one another in whatever struggles we may be going through.  We celebrate with each other with something great happens!  We also look outwardly and seek to reach out to our friends and neighbors…looking for opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus as well as ways to serve and bless.

Do you need to be familiar with the Bible or Christianity to come? Nope. Life Group is a great place to come even if you have doubts about your faith, or even if you aren't a Christian and just want to explore more about Christianity and Jesus. 

Life Group information is listed below.  Feel free to email the leader and ask more details and tell them you are interested.  You are welcome to come to any of the locations, even if you don't live that dorm.  If you'd like to hear more or want to help start a new one, talk to Chris (


Groups are forming now. This page will be updated as times and days solidify. We have a variety of groups. Some are more geared towards first year students. Some are for those who are seeking and curious to explore Christianity. They typically meet in dorms, athletic teams, fraternities, sororities, or the student center.

Leaders and Locations for 2019-2020:

Simmons Coed Group - Sundays, 8pm, Simmons Party Room (2nd floor) Contact: Matt - or Asia

BC Coed Group - Wednesdays - 7:30pm, BC, TV Room. Contact: Mojo and Ayo

Maseeh Men’s Life Group - Monday’s 9pm Room 4087- anyone welcome to come, you don’t have to live in Maseeh. Contact Booker ( and John (

Maseeh/McCormick Women’s Life Group - McCormick West Penthouse, Sundays ,7-8:30pm, - Mostly women from Maseeh and McCormick, but anyone is welcome to come. Contact Emily ( and Hannah ( if you live in Maseeh, Contact Cate ( or Linnea ( if you live in McCormick (or another dorm)

Baker- Wednesday, 8pm, Floor 6 Central Lounge - Contact Carlos - or Emilio

Beta House Fraternity Men - Contact: Alex Craig

Next or New House Men - Contact Ryan -

Football Team - Fridays after practice during season - Contact John - 

East Campus, Sundays, 6pm - Contact Ryan -

Female Athletes Group - Contact Meagan -

International Students

Grad students - Contact Chris (

Alpha - a group meeting to explore Christianity and the Bible

Want to help start one? Let us know. Contact Chris at cswanson [@]