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Puerto Rico

Spring Break Mission Trip

Dates - March 23-March 30st, 2019  

Location - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Price: $675 (Includes plane flight, housing, meals and transportation)

Initial deposit of $50 due by Feb. 11th at 3pm.

Second deposit of $50 due by Feb. 20th.

Final Payment due March 20th

Invest your Spring Break in something eternal…the people of Puerto Rico! Students reaching students to reach the world for Christ.

What will we be doing?

Most of our ministry focus will be on bringing the Gospel to students on campuses in San Juan and helping to launch ministries on those campuses. We will link arms with some students and leaders in country who want to reach their campus for Christ and help them expand and start campus ministries. You will get some great practical experience in sharing your faith and you may have the chance to train Puerto Rican students how they can share their faith. We will also spend one day doing some service work in partnership with local churches or ministries as a way to bless the people of San Juan.

When we aren’t doing ministry on campus or in the community we will have time to spend with God, learning from His Word, resting, exploring the city, experiencing the culture, trying new food, enjoying the beach and warm weather, and spending time together in community.

General Schedule for the week:

  • Saturday - Leave Boston in the morning - arrive to San Juan in the afternoon - check into hotel.

  • Sunday - Visit a local church - explore the city

  • Monday-Thursday - ministry days

  • Friday - day off - go to beach or other fun activity

  • Saturday, March 30th, head to airport and fly back to Boston (arrive early evening)


This is what is included in the cost:

  • Round trip airfare

  • Lodging for 7 nights

  • Ground transportation while in the country

  • Meals

  • Trip Insurance (this will cover and medical emergencies you may have)

Other Details:

  • We will be staying in a local hotel in San Juan, Dreams Hotel

  • You will not need a Passport or Visa to travel here. It is a U.S. Territory. If you are an international student you will be able to travel here without any having to get any new documents.

  • PACKING LIST - this will be posted soon. Your flight will include one checked bag and one carry on.

How to raise funds to pay for the remaining cost of the trip:

Many of us have raised financial support to help fund this missions trip.  Friends, family, and churches have been very enthusiastic about giving to help send students on our Spring Break trips.  Basically, this entails sending out letters to people about your trip and asking them to partner with you and send you on the trip.  We will give you more information on how to do this.

Here is a sample support letter you can edit and send to people. Sample Letter

Here are instructions on how to go about raising financial support: Support Raising Instructions

If people want to give have them follow the instructions at This is the preferred option for giving, if possible.

They can also send you a check directly - payable to you or Cru. If that is that case have them mail you a check we will help you process those donations accordingly.

Your deposits paid can be reimbursed to you if you raise the funds to cover your costs.

Scholarship Money:

We do have some limited additional scholarship money set aside to help those in financial need.  You can apply for scholarship funds here. Feel free to email Chris at cswanson[at] with any questions.


Preparation for the Trip - Evangelism perspective and training


How to Listen well - how to make the Gospel connect with our friends and others we talk to about Jesus.

Everyone on earth, whether they recognize it or not, wants to know more about God. Do you really believe that is true? With all the tension in our world today surrounding religion and faith, it could be easy to think just the opposite, that people don’t want to know more about God. But as the speaker in this video will point out, we often just don’t know how to listen to each other. Sometimes in discussions each person is just talking over the other, and trying to make their point. Have you ever experienced that? This video will teach you how to listen well and understand what good news is to the person you're talking to.

How to share your story well - How is the Gospel actually Good News to you now in your everyday life?

This video will help you learn more about what is good news to you. If you haven’t had the chance to watch the training “Learning the Other,” we highly recommend you do so, because this video will apply some of the things from that training.

Evangelism 101 - How to communicate the Gospel clearly

This video focuses on the basics of sharing our faith. It will answer the questions, “What is the Good News?" and "How do we share the good news of Jesus with others?" It will redefine some misconceptions about evangelism and prepare our hearts to share Jesus.

How do we think about Evangelism?

This video focuses on how we think about evangelism. The gospel is both simple and robust. It’s good news for all of us, but often in our attempt to focus on making the gospel message simple, we lose how it relates to each individual in a unique and profound way. Josh Chen will help focus on the inherent image of God found in every person, and call us to help people see where they’re trying to find life apart from God.

How do we Steward the Gospel - How the Good News produces Good Deeds

This video focuses on how we “steward” the gospel. Rasool Berry explores how to live out and proclaim the holistic gospel message in our world of personal and social brokenness. How does the way we proclaim the gospel really change things? We’ll explore the story of Zacchaeus and be challenged to see that good news does good deeds.